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Erasmus Courses for Teachers in Spain

Erasmus Courses for Teachers

The largest variety of teacher training courses in Tarragona.




Why IN USE Teacher Academy?

IN USE  Teacher Academy offers a unique opportunity for teachers from around the world to exchange best practices, grow their skill sets, and discover innovative teaching and learning strategies for greater student achievement and engagement.

If you are looking for professional development opportunities, why not come to one of Europe’s most spectacular cities? Explore landmark cultural heritage sites, get inspired, and tap into your full creative potential as an educator.


Here you will find your high-quality teacher training course and a reliable Erasmus+ partner.

Shall we get started then?

Unlock your full teaching potential with IN USE Teacher Academy. Join us in the vibrant, historic city of Tarragona, where professional development is intertwined with cultural exploration. Discover the endless opportunities for your personal and professional growth and become an even more effective and inspiring educator. Your journey starts here!


Erasmus for teachers in Spain.

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